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Live Classroom Review

Where it all started. The conventional live classroom review remains to be SRG’s most popular program for the local PT-OT board examinations. The program that defined the Philippine review industry. Setting the standard since 2000 (see The History of SRG), SRG has produced over 15,500 board passers and 445 topnotchers for the past 16 years.


Final Coaching / Intensive Question-Based Review

When pressure and panic settle in, it might be difficult to make the most out of the remaining days before the exam. The final coaching/intensive review was developed to keep the tension at bay, provide students with invaluable, last-minute exam tips and test-taking strategies, and help them focus on the things that really matter.

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Webinar Review

As the demands of everyday life continue to increase, SRG recognizes that the dynamics of the education and review industry are beginning to change. In line with our commitment to delivering quality reviews, SRG envisions a review that breaks the borders of time and distance, and challenges the notion that you have to give up occupational balance just to pass the exam. This is the future. A future where everyone has an equal chance at pursuing that license.


E-Learning 1-on-1

Do group reviews give you unnecessary pressure and anxiety? Do you prefer studying alone and at your own pace? Just like how the profession places emphasis on client-centered care, SRG, too, recognizes that no two students are the same. With this in mind, SRG brings you a review that is truly individualized—carefully tailored to your style, schedule, and preferences.


Find out more about SRG’s review programs and packages. Click here to choose the program that best fits your needs.

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