The Sultan Review Group (SRG), known to many as IntelkinetiQ, is an independent, professionally-managed review institution, offering the highest quality review programs found in the country today.

SRG has never been a neophyte in the field of board exam review. Its first venture was into Physical and Occupational Therapy review. Since the birth of its review, SRG has broken all records possible for any course, being the only review institution to produce 445 topnotchers and over 15,500 board passers for the past 13 years. SRG has been a household name for any PT and OT both working and studying, here and abroad.


The year 2000 was the turning point for the history of the Physical and Occupational Therapy licensure examination review—the birth of IntelkinetiQ Training and Review, Inc., also known to many as IQ. It was this year that the trailblazing vision of a new and innovative review program materialized. And IQ became the new standard for review strategies. IntelkinetiQ and Training Review, Inc. (IQ), the longest running and most successful institution of its kind was the brainchild of no other than Mr. Edmond Sultan, PTRP, RPT, RN.


On its first year alone, IQ has produced 8 out of 10 topnotchers for PT and OT, proving that IQ is the intellectual choice for the board examinations of 2001. Since then, IQ has gone to produce the most number of topnotchers and board passers for both PT and OT.

In October 2006, no longer called IntelkinetiQ Training and Review, Inc., The Sultan Review Group (SRG), unfastened a new era  in the field of Physical Therapy as it became the frontrunner in training and preparing globally-competitive professionals for the U.S. National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE).

In the year 2007, SRG began its expansion and venture into the Nursing Licensure Examination review. Since then, SRG steadily grew, expanding to 21 branches nationwide.

Another breakthrough in the PT-OT review scene was spearheaded by SRG, the launching of the SRG NPTE review program in 2007. This was immediately followed by further expansion, adding another service to its arsenal of review programs—the SRG RadTech review in 2008. After two years, SRG continued to expand—SRG launched its NBCOT review, making SRG the only center offering the NBCOT review program in the country. Another recent expansion is the SRG Respiratory Therapy review program, catapulting SRG as the only review center offering the Respiratory Therapy review course in the Philippines.

And for the first time in history, SRG has dominated all the top spots for the Philippine PT-OT Licensure Examination by bagging a perfect 10 in 2008.


In 2016, SRG launched the first online group review method, The Worldwide Webinar Review for the NPTE, NPTAE, and PCE, offering an authentic alternative to the conventional classroom review, as well as more expensive online reviews, especially designed for working professionals and parents busy with their families and household duties. This year also saw the launching of its parallel review program for the local PT-OT board examinations, the Local Webinar Review, catering to new and old graduates who prefer to study at home without the daily stress and struggles of traffic, erratic weather changes, and the rising cost of rent and transportation.

Awards and Distinctions

The Philippine Star Brand Council: The Best Managed Brand Review Center

Asia Executive Magazine: The Best Managed Brand Review Center

Manila Bulletin feature 2010 (Source)

Philippine Gold Brands Council: 100 Most Powerful and Admired Brands 2011