by: J.C.P. Fernando, Academic Head, The Sultan Review Group

Choosing a review center can be a stressful process due to the reason that people want to have the best they can get for what they paid for. We want to pay for something that is worth its value and when it comes to licensure examinations, we want to be in a review center that can give us that success. But what does being ‘worth it’ really means? In SRG, it goes beyond the phrase ‘getting what you paid for.

1. EXAM-SENSITIVE. The information and concepts included in a review program should be the ultimate basis if we want to call it exam-sensitive. We are in the age of information where resources have become very accessible to anyone. Anyone can just study anything; read every book, memorize every table, define any concepts, etc. In SRG, exam-sensitive means that we consolidate and integrate the major exam resources so that when these reach our students, we are sure that they consume only the relevant and concise information they need for the exam. Quantity of information does not necessarily translate to the quality of the review program. We are critical to what we teach our students and we are striving hard for our materials to be updated as much as possible.

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2. AGELESS. Our student demographics mainly consist of people who graduated 10-15 years ago or those who have turned their backs on the profession for quite some time and decided to go back. These people do not have the ample amount of time and mental endurance they think they need to pass the exam but they have the finances to enroll in a review center. All they have to do is to find the right review partner that will guide them along the way to get them back on track and start rebuilding their PT/OT dreams again. True enough, these students defied the hindrances and passed the exam with our help after spending five, ten or more times taking and failing the exam. With our help, they were able to pass the exam.

3. OPTIONS. One of SRG’s mission is to provide quality review services to all kinds of people who want to review for any PT/OT licensure examinations. We do not want reviewees to be restricted in choosing the traditional classroom review. We want you to feel that you have choices because you deserve it. In this age of digital information and accessibility, we go beyond offering review services in the classroom setting. We want the world to know that we exist and that a quality review program is really accessible anywhere you are in the world. We pioneered the Webinar review for the PTs and OTs not just for the students in the Philippines but for anyone in the world as long as they are PT/OT graduates and they speak English. With this, we made the PT/OT world more connected.


4. LECTURERS. SRG has one of the biggest lecturer pools for the local and international licensure examinations to make sure that we deliver the most exam-sensitive review for our students. Anyone can teach anything with proper training but in SRG, our lecturers are not just trained to teach, they are trained to change perceptions, to build character, and to instill self-confidence to the students.

5. COMPREHENSIVE. In SRG, we teach each student the most basic of information from foundational sciences to applications of theories. Here in us, it does not mean that if you will take the international exam, you have to be taught Applications concepts only. This is what separates us from the rest of international review centers. We believe that each student should start to learn the foundations first in order to have a complete and easier understanding of the whole concept in PT/OT. This is why our international review program is the longest, spanning 2-3 months with 50+ sessions offered in fixed or flexible schedules depending on the reviewee’s needs.

6. INTENSIVE. All of our review programs, local and international, are concluded with a separate final coaching season wherein a shift from comprehensive to intensive methods of teaching is utilized. Just like the principle of neuroplasticity called Intensity Matters, we believe in immersing the students in time-pressured, difficult, question and answer coaching to get them ready for the exam day. This culmination of their review season prepares them to approach each question fearlessly.

7. NETWORK. SRG has one of the biggest networks of PTs and OTs in the Philippines and US. We continue to build more families of professionals with shared passion in the profession through our review services. Our review does not end after the exam. We make sure that our students remain connected with us and their classmates to strengthen this network of people that acts as a support group and family away from home. Reviewing with us will not just help you gain your license, it will also help you gain a lot of connections and resources.

8. TRANSFERENCE. Since we offer a review program that is created even for people who graduated a long time ago, we can help you get back to practice even after years of having no patient exposure. Our review program is aimed not only to teach theoretical knowledge but also to share clinical experiences turned into case scenarios so you can get a glimpse of what practice of the profession really looks like. We want our students to be able to use their theories and turn it into meaningful knowledge they can use with their practice. Our passers have been telling us that our review is not just for the exam because it helped them get back on track to finally start practicing even if they are out of experience for years.

In general, a review program someone can be proud of should be the one that goes beyond offering review of concepts. It should go beyond teaching theories. It should go beyond counting lecture hours and sessions. It should go beyond memorization of modules after modules. In SRG, we go beyond these things. We believe that each student has different needs that should be addressed individually and specifically. We do not want our students to think that more information shared translates to a service that is worth it. At the end of the day, efforts are just consolations, only the result will count. We deliver results. We live up to our brand of quality and we live up to our promise that you will pass the exam if you are with us.




SRG continues to produce INTERNATIONALLY COMPETENT licensed professionals and UPLIFT the standards of the PT-OT review industry!

Be one of our licensed professionals that have reached their dreams through a GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE, HIGHLY SENSITIVE, AND COMPREHENSIVE review program. Ensuring QUALITY lectures through TRIED AND TESTED, SEASONED review coaches and mentors. Bridging the gap between convenience and quality education. Giving you no excuse to get your professional license!

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Choose your SUCCESS bundle for an International CROWN!

Everyone deserves their own crowning moment, That genuine happiness and feeling after defying all odds.

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