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As the demands of everyday life continue to increase, SRG recognizes that the dynamics of the education and review industry are beginning to change. In line with our commitment to delivering quality reviews, SRG envisions a review that breaks the borders of time and distance and challenges the notion that you have to give up occupational balance just to pass the exam. This is the future. A future where everyone has an equal chance to ace the NPTE, NPTAE, APCE, and PCE



When pressure and panic settle in, it might be difficult to make the most out of the remaining days before the exam. The final coaching/intensive review was developed to keep the tension at bay, provide students with invaluable, last-minute exam tips and test-taking strategies, and help them focus on the things that really matter.


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Where it all started. The conventional live classroom review remains to be SRG’s most popular program for the local PT-OT board examinations. The program that defined the Philippine review industry. Setting the standard since 2000 (see The History of SRG), SRG has produced over 15,500 board passers and 445 topnotchers for the past 16 years.





Do group reviews give you unnecessary pressure and anxiety? Do you prefer studying alone and at your own pace? Just like how the profession places emphasis on client-centered care, SRG, too, recognizes that no two students are the same. With this in mind, SRG brings you a review that is truly individualized—carefully tailored to your style, schedule, and preferences.


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A big thank you to SRG for helping me prepare for my exam and now, I’m an RPT. Even though I’m already here in the US, SRG’s techniques helped a lot in retaining important concepts – and I could literally hear their advice when I was taking the exam. They also have new ways to increase our test taking proficiency through “playoffs”, “plan B” and other methods. Most of all, the lecturers have not only imparted their best knowledge but also motivated us and changed our perspective and attitude in exam taking. Thank you so much Sir Ed, and the whole SRG family for the support, effort and patience to all of us 🙂

Lady Lheande Gomez, RPT State of Maryland

SRG will teach you the Foundation you NEED to know. For someone like me who graduated 17 years ago and who forgot the most important topics, SRG will teach you the CORE principles of Physical Therapy. All the subjects in the Review are NPTE sensitive. When I was taking the exam, majority of the concepts are tackled during the review. SRG gave me the confidence I need. Subconsciously, I know that I will pass the exam. One of the things that made SRG different is the DEDICATION OF SIR ED and the other staff. SRG really cares for you and their main goal is for you to pass the exam.  But the most important thing is that SRG will develop your ATTITUDE. They will not only train your endurance but also your attitude during the review. I will always be thankful to SRG. I owe them my license and I know 100% that I passed the exam because of them.

Jaycee Razon, RPT (State of New York)

My SRG review was very crucial in the sense that it taught me the in-depth approach in each of the questions of the NPTE. They converted my weaknesses to strong points. My SRG review was very sensitive to my study needs. SRG was my first NPTE review program.I can say that my SRG experience is one of a kind.It is spot-on, custom-fit review program designed to help health professionals achieve excellence in their respective NPTE examination. SRG helped me to through my journey in getting my US license. Previously, I was just reading aimlessly all NPTE materials that I acquired. SRG guided me to carefully dissect the needed topics that I had to study and helped me re-organize my thoughts and approach for the examination. My SRG experience is one of the best decisions I made in my entire life. It’s definitely a life-changing event for me and my family.I would like to take this opportunity to thank my SRG family for their time and tireless effort in guiding me to my success in passing the NPTE. God bless and a lifetime success to my SRG family!Thank you!

Katherine Joy San Juan, RPT State of Delaware

Reviewing at SRG made tough concepts easy and made studying efficient by emphasizing what was most important for the NPTE. The review was very sensitive to what came out in the examination. It seemed like when I was taking the exam, I can hear the voice of my mentors in my ear guiding me to the correct answer.What made SRG different from other review centers was the vibe. You feel like your accepted into a family more so than a classroom. They will never discourage you and foster an environment open for learning.SRG helped me focus on what matters. And challenged me to study smarter. I loved every minute of it… It’s easy to be enthusiastic about learning everyday when you learn from people who are passionate and dedicated to you.

Jonathan Cultura, RPT State of Illinois