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As science and technology continue to make huge strides, the education and media landscape are rapidly shifting into digital. SRG, the pioneer in the review industry here and abroad, is committed not only to bringing you the best review experience, but also in keeping abreast with the constantly changing standards of the PT and OT community globally.


In our pursuit to uphold this mandate, SRG envisions a review program like no other: accessible, affordable, exam-sensitive, and comprehensive. A review that breaks the borders of time and distance, and challenges the limitations imposed by demanding work schedules, family and household duties, unpredictable weather changes, and financial constraints such as the cost of housing and transportation. A review that puts heart and passion at the forefront—utilizing a holistic approach that addresses not only students’ academic and intellectual needs, but also prepares them emotionally for the exam.

Now, there’s simply no excuse: If you have the will, SRG has the way. Because now, the world can be your classroom.