Originality, creativity, higher intelligence, and innovation are the things that separate us from the rest. Consistent and unparalleled results that uplift the standards of PT and OT in the country are engraved in our name. Legitimate concern for students from theory to practice should be the ultimate basis in choosing a review center. Our influence does not end after the review. We give opportunities to our students (and students from other centers) to translate their theoretical knowledge into something concrete and meaningful. Our program gives you advantage not just in the local licensure exam but also in the international exams and practice.

Do not be blinded by the false sense of the idea that you have to take in vast amounts of information to top the board exam. This will take a toll on you in your actual practice and in the international exams. Be critical and draw the line between lower forms and higher forms of learning.

Choose the review center where you can put your trust in. Choose the one with originality. Choose the one where everything came from. Choose SRG.


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