I am very happy to inform everyone that I will be embarking on a new academic pursuit to further my knowledge and elevate my capacity to help more aspiring PT and OT professionals around the world. I just got my acceptance letter from Utica College of New York for a transitional DOCTOR of PHYSICAL THERAPY (tDPT) program that will take 2 years (starting next week) of grueling sacrifices which will involve sweat, blood, time, and money. I have hidden this tDPT application to most people and students of mine because I do not want anyone to be thinking that I will divide my time and attention between lecturing and studying. Given this, I am assuring ALL current and future SRG Dragons that my lecture load in SRG Manila, Cebu, E-Learning, and Webinar will NOT be trimmed down because most of my tDPT units will be taken ONLINE. I always believe that managing energy is more important than managing your time.

I would like to thank UTICA College of New York for providing me the opportunity to serve my PT and OT community better through world-class education. I have chosen this institution because it is one of the BEST in providing DPT education to anyone qualified to take their program. Their dedication to evidence-based practice, liberal, and professional education is one of the things I considered when I was choosing a partner for my educational development. The ‘positive toxicity’ they give their students in terms of academic rigour is comparable to how Dragons experience world-class review in SRG.

As an academician and the father dragon of the SRG family, one of the major requirements to improve is through continuing education. This should give the students the assurance that what they are getting from the teacher is the BEST and CURRENT knowledge. This passion for lifelong learning should be the drive for a learning institution to keep on educating students with what they really deserve. The students deserve QUALITY, practice-sensitive education that is at par with global standards. This should also inspire students NEVER to stand still and be stagnated.

The next 2 years of studying and lecturing will be the busiest and most exciting experience for me. I cannot wait to learn more and share more knowledge to my fellow PTs and OTs around the world. I promise that I will be a good student because this is not for me anymore. This is for the people that trust and will put their trust on SRG. To God be the glory! -Edmond S. Sultan, PTRP, RPT, RN


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