SRG has special place in my heart – before, it had helped me fulfill my dream to become a PTRP! It is like the wind beneath my wings – reliving another dream – to become a physiotherapist here in Canada. Without SRG, especially considering the fact that I am a working mom, I could never have the time and idea on how to start preparing for the PCE. With this webinar, it not only built my mental endurance in studying, but also my character. I am also grateful for the love and patience that the Team has showed me throughout the Webinar! I would definitely recommend SRG to everyone, especially to those aspiring physiotherapists here in Canada! It is truly world-class, the lecturers are all knowledgeable in all aspects of physiotherapy topics, and can deliver every topic in a way that is easy to understand – like their original Plan Bs! Thank you so much SRG! You are the best!