A lot of my followers are asking me what does the new caption of SRG, “ Quality Review without EXCEPTION really mean? “

For now, I will be answering it spontaneously and therefore this might appear quite long. But I hope you will still find time to read before you hit some likes and comments. Thank you.

Sultan Review Group sets the standard for the review industry more than a decade ago, providing the students the most innovative and revolutionary programs that redefine the meaning of education. Creativity, originality, and higher intelligence are all engraved in our name but what sets SRG apart from the rest is that we are the ONLY review center that provides QUALITY REVIEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

1. The company recognized the need of the learners for topnotch review program without their schedule and other responsibilities hindering them. SRG believes that learning should not be boxed with the traditional classroom setting and just like today’s generation, education should also evolve. Sultan review group provides QUALITY REVIEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION by opening BOTH online and classroom review, breaking the normal stigma that one should enroll in the classroom setting to learn. With the use of the online platform, SRG successfully breaks the barrier of location and time to achieve comprehensive review programs as we make the world anybody’s classroom.

2. SRG’s unparalleled reputation is one of the reasons behind different success stories of more than 20,000 board exam passers. Our students are NOT just fresh graduates, we saw stories unfold with the learners defying the status quo. Our oldest RPT is 66 years old who passed the exam in 2016 and now Director of Rehab (DOR) in Los Angeles, USA. We believe that passing the board exam is not about the age, year of graduation, or awards achieved when you finished your degree. The students’ potential should NOT be dictated by numbers, and with this, the company provide comprehensive and QUALITY REVIEW to all ages WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

3. As part of the company’s advocacy, SRG also caters to the individual needs of the students. We believe that each student is different and the use of the individualized program is pertinent and crucial. In SRG, we provide QUALITY REVIEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION by modifying the program based on what the student really wants. Mentors spend extra time talking to the students to assess their needs in order for the company to provide the best review bundles, best review timeline, best schedule and even the best payment scheme. We do more than teach, we go the extra mile.

4. Passing a certain board exam is not an easy feat. The pressure of acing the exam with limited time can be overwhelming. SRG is not unfamiliar to the everyday struggles of our students. Making the review bearable and enjoyable is what we live for. SRG provides QUALITY REVIEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION by removing the unnecessary stress and burdens of learning. It is not simple to compress years we spent in college to months of reviewing for the board exam. In SRG, we do not ask the learners to memorize, WE TEACH!!!! from the most basic to the most complex topics, we give the students the most comprehensive and innovative ways to learn

5. Budget is not an issue for our review programs. You can have a quality review service even with the cheapest review programs as well as with the premium, highly individualized programs that have higher fees but with soft and more lenient payment terms. We don’t discriminate based on the capacity of the student to pay.

What really makes a review center the best in the industry? The answer is simple. That is providing quality service without limitations and barriers. The reputation of the company is more than the results of the board exam and its unprecedented track record, it is deeply rooted with the company’s beliefs and advocacies that one should not limit the possibilities of learning, providing future students QUALITY REVIEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

– Edmond Sultan
Founder and CEO, SRG

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