SULTAN REVIEW GROUP continues to change the face of online review services for the Philippine Board Examination

The game-changing Local Webinar Season 8 will once again run for the Feb 2020 Philippine PT and OT board exam!

Experience new webinar review as we incorporate RECORDED LECTURES, all NEW MODULES, and PERSONAL MENTORING to our online review programs!

Experience the topnotch review experience that produced hundreds of passers and topnotchers for the past years. Join us as we provide the BEST WEBINAR REVIEW POSSIBLE

SRG’s local webinar has proven time and time again that our program can also produce top notchers as we have claimed the top 6 & top 7 places and top 2 in the PT and OT exams respectively since the the SRG webinar began!!

Contact Details:
SRG Elearning HOTLINES: Viber or Whatsapp: +639178983229 | +639178932694
Landline: 731-0677
Email: /

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