What really makes a review center the best in the industry? The answer is simple. That is providing quality service without limitations and barriers. The reputation of the company is more than the results of the board exam and its unprecedented track record, it is deeply rooted with the company’s beliefs and advocacies that one should not limit the possibilities of learning, providing future students QUALITY REVIEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION. In SRG, we aim to provide the BEST REVIEW EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE.

Originality, creativity, higher intelligence, and innovation are the things that separate us from the rest. Consistent and unparalleled results that uplift the standards of PT and OT in the country are engraved in our name. Legitimate concern for students from theory to practice should be the ultimate basis for choosing a review center. Our influence does not end after the review. We give opportunities to our students to translate their theoretical knowledge into something concrete and meaningful.

Experience review quality that is tried and tested for 18 years! Dynamic, and fun learning to make that PTRP/OTRP dream come true! Be part of the #SRGDragons family!

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Mobile: +639178932694 | +639178983229
Tel: (02) 731-0677
Email: sultanreviewgroup@gmail.com
FB: fb.com/sultanreviewgroup

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