Are you taking the October NPTE?
Do you believe that NPTE is one of the toughest, if not the toughest entry-level exam for PT that you’ll ever take?
Are you aware that the passing rate for foreign-trained PT’s in the NPTE is only between 30-40% every exam for the past 6 years?
Do you understand that the NPTE is totally a different version of the local boards here?
Are you fully invested in becoming an RPT but you feel that your preparedness is realistically inadequate?

If you have a YES answer to is least three of the five questions above, then the solution is the answer below.

JOIN SRG’s emergency-INTENSIVE course on Oct 8 (PH TIME). It is a 15-day consolidation of all IMPORTANT concepts needed to pass the exam. These concepts are translated further into questions so you develop testmanship and mental endurance during the 5 hour, 250 item examination. Our Intensive Review is the last minute best solution to fully equip you when you sit for the NPTE.

Viber/Whatsapp us through +639178983229.
Email us at

Let our experts on the NPTE train you as SRG has been doing this for 21 years already!!!!

Put your trust in our name!


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    1. Hi! yes we offer NCLEX review.

      We have the webinar review which is a group online review with fixed schedule complete with live lectures and modules. The other one is the elearning one on one with flexible schedule. This comes with live lectures also and comprehensive modules

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