Planning to take the April or July NPTE? Looking for the review program that will teach you how to translate knowledge into correct answers to ace the examination, build your mental endurance in answering numerous questions and will teach you how to master the right testmanship skills?

The Intensive program of the Worldwide Webinar Review has produced passers from around the world because of its exam simulation approach. This is a tried and tested program for those who want to secure a passing score in the NPTE/NPTAE/PCE!

Our slots are always sold out. Enroll now and experience one of the best review programs that deliver the desired results!

1. INTENSIVE: 6 hours EVERYDAY of answering and discussing 150-200 questions per day.

2. TRANSLATING KNOWLEDGE INTO CORRECT ANSWERS. From utilizing the right knowledge to applying test-taking strategies and nail every question in the exam.

3. TIMED-EXAM: 45 seconds-1 minute allotted to answer each question to build that speed and precision in facing the most difficult exam questions.

4. TOPIC-BASED QUESTIONING. Organization is the key and we believe that a well-organized questioning method will help the students integrate the concepts better.

5. PICTURE QUESTIONS. Because we all know that these international exams include picture-based questions and we will not let you miss these types of questions!

6. GUIDED RATIONALIZATION. The discussion is guided by a credible lecturer, preventing you from overanalyzing questions.

7. BOOK FINAL COACHING: Important facts made into questions. Resources include Magee, Kisner, Fairchild, Goodman, etc. If you haven’t read these books, no problem. We’ll deliver the important facts to you.

8. TESTMANSHIP TRAINING. Strategies to develop that 100% precision in approaching any type of question that can be asked from a concept.

Learn to master the concepts, apply the basics and fundamentals, approach each question with a #heartstrong attitude and cool, calm, collected character! Learn these with the best webinar review provider! Enroll now!
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