In any national exam, repetition matters, salience matters and INTENSITY matters!

Are you able to translate the knowledge you stored the past months into correct answers?
Are you able to handle different types of questions based on different levels of difficulty? Are the questions you’ve been answering board-oriented and do they cover all parts of the content outline of the NPTE, NPTAE, PCE, APCE?

If you can’t fully answer YES in one of the questions above, then we highly suggest you sign up for this.
It’s the INTENSIVE WorldWide Webinar Review. Early bird discounts given if you sign up NOW!
The review will start on July 9.


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  1. Hiii,
    This is Jetal Shah here. I am intending to give the australian physio council exam in india, theory component.
    Kindly provide feedback on how it can be worked out.

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