A boat is safe at the shore but it’s not what it’s made for. He explored the outskirts of his comfort zone and pushed his boundaries. He knows stability is safe but the search for constant development is his true calling. Rummaging through work and academic demands, he knew that delayed gratification is the name of the game. Driven by his passion for Health Sciences and continuous sharing of his knowledge to every aspiring Physical Therapist, Edmond never doubted on how the practice will improve his countrymen especially the underprivileged. Embarking on this journey of continuing education, Edmond’s decision was not an easy feat. He was faced with insurmountable responsibilities, juggling his work as the president of Sultan Review Group and his academic load is not easy to handle, but despite all odds, he dived into the unknown filled with passion for his profession and for his country.

Edmond’s driving force to get his doctorate degree was not fuelled by merely the need for higher learning. More than his desire and a lifelong passion for personal and professional growth, as an educator by practice and by heart, he molded his goal with the intent of helping his fellow therapists and students by imparting his acquired knowledge from his degree to his countrymen. As an individual who truly values education, Edmond wanted to create new channels for his fellow therapists by sharing his knowledge and experience making continuing education more accessible. These are the pillars and foundations of his principles why he risked staying outside his comfort zone.

Formal education for doctorate degree is not a requirement for practice in the Philippines, but following what he started for his review center, Edmond wanted to carve his own path. From the admission process throughout the whole degree program, he sacrificed a lot professionally and personally. He kept his focus in achieving his goal and successfully drowned all the distractors, negativities, and people who doubted him. His hunger for lifelong learning preceded the rough path ahead. Edmond realized early his unique opportunity to spearhead the change he wanted to see in the profession. With the decision to fully immerse himself to the academe while maintaining the standards and workload as an educator, he made the almost impossible, possible without a single scratch in sight.

Edmond knew he didn’t need to prove anything. With three licenses under his name, as a registered physical therapist in the Philippines and New York and a registered nurse, Edmond is on top of his game. Edmond graduated top of his class and became a board topnotcher. He is known in the industry as the president and founder of Sultan Review Group, the number one and most established review center for allied health. Sultan Review Group became the most prominent review center as it trail blazed the face of learning. With the revolutionary review programs it offers, Edmond successfully cemented his reputation in the world of allied health. Edmond is also the founding member and Corporate Secretary of Review Center Association of the Philippines. He is also a finalist for Ten Most Outstanding Students of the Philippines. On top of his achievements he was able to balance his work with his personal life. Edmond was a frequent traveller as he believed that knowing the culture and diversity hone an individual as a whole.  

As Edmond closes another challenging chapter and embarks onto another journey of professional and self-growth, his belief and loyalty to the profession will stay the same. He knows that the field of physical therapy still has a lot to offer, opportunities waiting to be discovered because when the degree has been finalized, risking the complacency was worth it. It was all for the hunger of personal development and the ambition of improvement of the lives of Filipinos one movement at a time


-Marian Diaz

Chief of Staff

Sultan Review Group

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