We are now accepting enrollees for Intensive Final Coaching and Testmanship for the August 2017 PT-OT Licensure Exams! Classes start on July 10, 2017 for SRG Manila. Enroll now! Only limited slots left!


The Intensive Final Coaching and Testmanship is a question-based review program in a classroom setting, designed to prepare students for the Philippine Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Licensure Exams, with focus on developing time management skills and test-taking strategies. Perfect for those very last minute preparations.

Key features of the review include the following:

    1. AFFORDABLE: 7,500 PHP for outsiders/students who reviewed from other review centers and 5,000 PHP for current enrollees of the comprehensive/live classroom review (See promo discounts valid ‘til June 20, 2017 below).
    2. EXTENSIVE and INTENSIVE: Designed to master integration of all foundation concepts pertinent to Physical and Occupational Therapy.
    3. QUESTION BASED: Featuring 4,000 all-new questions generated by our dedicated lecturers,150-200 questions per topic everyday, Monday to Fridays for one (1) month.
    4. GUIDED RATIONALIZATION:4 hours of rationalization and discussion by highly credible lecturers, preventing students from overanalyzing questions.
    5. TESTMANSHIP TRAINING: Test taking strategies taught and utilized while answering the questions discussed.
    6. HOLISTIC: Addresses more than just students’ academic and intellectual needs. SRG’s distinct approach to teaching also helps boost our students’ morale, helping them become more confident, effectively preparing students for the exam emotionally.


    Review Promo (up to june 20, 2017):

    • 3,500 php for current comprehensive review enrollees
    • 6,500 php for outsiders/students who reviewed from other review centers


    You may also lock in your slots now up to June 20! Lock in (Reservation fee) is as follows:

    • 2,000 for current comprehensive review enrollees
    • 5,000 for outsiders/students who reviewed from other review centers