Elearning one-on-one for NPTE / NPTAE / PCE/ APCE / PHIL BOARD EXAM

Start your review with us anytime with flexible schedule and live class interaction. Be the boss of your own class schedule

The Elearning 1 on 1 Comprehensive Review- A very individualized review program that follows the pacing and the schedule of the students. There will be personalized mentoring and the program is highly interactive 

The E-Learning 1-on-1 is an online tutorial review program designed for students who prefer studying alone or find a classroom setting distracting. It is an individualized approach for students preparing for the U.S. National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), U.S. National Physical Therapist Assistant Exam (NPTAE), Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE), Australian Physiotherapy Examination, and the Philippine Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Licensure Exams.

Key features of the review include the following:

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES: Students have the freedom to decide on their preferred schedule, to be coordinated closely with our lecturers. Any day, any time SRG has got you covered.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED: The review program is carefully tailored to a student’s learning style, pace, and preferences.
  • INTERACTIVE: Our lectures are projected in real-time, instead of being recorded, allowing students the opportunity to directly ask questions or clarify concepts with lecturers/mentors.
  • BETTER PRODUCTIVITY: Encouraging structure while maintaining a work-life-review balance.
  • REVIEW MATERIALS such as modules and handouts are FREE.
  • HOLISTIC: Addresses more than just students’ academic and intellectual needs. SRG’s distinct approach to teaching also helps boost our students’ morale, helping them become more confident, effectively preparing students for the exam emotionally.

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