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As the demands of everyday life continue to increase, SRG recognizes that the dynamics of the education and review industry are beginning to change. In line with our commitment to deliver quality reviews, SRG envisions a review that breaks the borders of time, distance and challenges the notion that you have to give up occupational balance just to pass the exam. The Comprehensive Worldwide Webinar is a Complete online review program, designed to prepare students for the U.S. National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), U.S. National Physical Therapist Assistant Exam (NPTAE), the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE), Australian Physiotherapy Council Exam (APCE) with a fixed schedule complete with modules needed for the exam.

Key features of the review include the following:

  • COMPREHENSIVE: Students can take the NPTE, NPTAE, and PCE using the program.
  • FIXED SCHEDULES: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays PH TIME (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday US time). 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST, US) / 9 PM EST/ 9 AM Philippine Time (PHT). 4 hours per session. Fixed scheduling develops structure in the students’ studying routine.
  • LONGER LECTURE HOURS AND SESSIONS: 4 hours of comprehensive review per concept/topic over 30-35 sessions. The longest webinar review per session. The most number of sessions for a webinar review.
  • SIMULATED CLASSROOM SETTING via the internet, using a third party software application.
  • INTERACTIVE: Our lectures are projected in real-time, instead of being recorded, allowing students the opportunity to directly ask questions or clarify concepts with lecturers/mentors.
  • MORE DISCUSSIONS OF CONCEPTS AND TOPICS rather than discussions of practice questions and assignments.
  • BETTER PRODUCTIVITY: Encouraging structure while maintaining a work-life-review balance. No need to resign from work just to take the review.
  • MENTORING on review and test-taking strategies.
  • REVIEW MATERIALS such as modules and handouts are FREE. They will be sent a day or two before each webinar session.
  • HOLISTIC: Addresses more than just students’ academic and intellectual needs. SRG’s distinct approach to teaching also helps boost our students’ morale, helping them become more confident, effectively preparing students for the exam emotionally.
  • BONUS HOURS on additional topics.

Know the different review bundles of SRG and find the right one that would suit you best!


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