EL 1-on-1 + Comprehensive Review


EL 1-on-1 + Comprehensive Review

This is the combination of SRG’s Best-Selling Programs: E-Learning 1-on-1 and Comprehensive Review.

Phase 1: E-Learning 1-on-1
This is the Most easily sold-out program, as it is highly personalized to one’s learning needs and schedules. E-Learning 1-on-1 provides the student a focused discussion on each concept in Physical Therapy to guide the student on what are the most important note-worthy items.

Key Features:
• All LIVE lectures with YOU as the only student. 1 class was made for only 1 person and 1 mentor per topic.
• Flexible Schedules- You decide the schedule and pacing
• 80 hours or 27-30 sessions for 2-3 hours each with different mentors and lecturers (1.5 to 2 months duration)
• 2-3 hours per session
• Tutorial method. Focused discussion.
• Best for people who want to be refreshed but at their own pace. The student may start anytime at his or her convenience

Phase 2: Comprehensive Review
The most staple review non-bundled program of SRG with its most complete review from basics to advanced, edging out our competitors with a heavily loaded substantial content and time given to strengthen one’s foundations. Again, we shall load you with your FOUNDATIONS.

Comprehensive primarily involves understanding and mastering the concepts completely from basic to advance. Building your bullets to answer questions at a later time. Bridging all the gaps in learning topics with all the whys and how’s being discussed thoroughly and easily understood. This review program is foundation-building and delves more into discussions, critical thinking challenges, and confidence-building through complete mastery of concepts needed from basic to advanced.

Key Features:
• Duration and Frequency: 8-10 weeks of Comprehensive Review with recorded lectures. 6x-7x a week, 4-5 hours a day of LIVE lectures with fixed schedules. (9 am-1 pm Philippine Time) or (10 am-2 pm if there is DST)
• IMPORTANT: The above duration and frequency translate to 20-28 weeks or 5-7 months of Comprehensive Review if only done 3x a week for 1.5 hours per lecture ( which is very common in the other review centers)
• RECORDED lectures are available every day after live lectures if students can’t attend the live lectures. Accessible 24/7.
• Review materials, modules, and reading resources are MEGA complete and updated. No need to read a lot of pages in textbooks for possible misinterpretation and additional energy and time.
• Additional 3- 4 weeks of access to recorded lectures after the end of Compre Review.
• ACCOUNTABILITY Exams are given: Regular feedback exams, Reinforcement Exams, Periodic Mock Exams, Per-System Exams. Scores are tabulated for student’s future reference.
• Regular and daily weekly Podcasts by Dr. Sultan on topics that are hard to understand but explained using techniques to easily understand and create long memory.
• ACCOUNTABILITY MEASURES to make sure our 30 students are responsible and doing their own duties for their exam: Holistic Approach including mentoring, individualized audio call or zoom call and strong implementation of accountability measures which are achievable for 30 students.


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