Noreen, a 46 year old, Batch 1998 graduate of Davao Doctors College is a full time mother and wife, full time Registered Nurse in Tennessee and while she was preparing for her NPTE for the July Exam, she grappled with more workload because she became a frontliner against the Corona Virus.
She started with E learning 1 on 1 so she can dictate her own time of lectures, she joined right after in the Comprehensive Webinar Review to sharpen further her stored knowledge from the 1 on 1 and right before her exam, she joined the Intensive Question-Based Review to translate knowledge into correct answers and to summarize everything.
Noreen was almost always present during the LIVE lectures, always actively participating even if it probably meant being out of sleep from work or going to work with lack of sleep.
She was very persistent, she was persevering, she did not act out on what she did not have, she relished every blessing she would get day by day.
She took the exam July 29. While she can take it until August 31, she chose to finish it on the first day of testing dates.

She passed the exam. She told me she would work full time as a PT now and on the side, as an RN per diem or PRN.

She is extraordinary-an ordinary person who does extraordinary things with passion, ambition, perseverance, faith and trust.

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