Epidemiology of meniscal tears shows that the annual incidence of this condition is around 60–70 per 100,000 (Maffulli, Longo, Campi, & Denaro, 2010). Conditions involving the meniscus is more common in younger patients and usually associated with acute traumatic event (Maffulli, Longo, Campi, & Denaro, 2010). Peak incidence for younger clients happens around 21–30 years for boys and 11-20 years for girls (Maffulli, Longo, Campi, & Denaro, 2010). Radiography and magnetic resonance imaging are some of the most important diagnostic tools for meniscal tear as they provide objective visual assessment of the affected area (Maffulli, Longo, Campi, & Denaro, 2010).

Meniscal tears are common to younger patients related to sports injuries accounting for around one-third of all the injuries (Makris, Hadidi, & Athanasiou, 2011).

Physical therapists usually deal with the diagnostic and rehabilitation of meniscal tears. Therapists are directly involved with physical examination and rehabilitation of patients with meniscal pathology.

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