PRIME (12)As we aim to make US employment easier, SRG is partnering with PRIME LEADERS HEALTH SERVICES INC. to make your American dream a reality.

PRIME LEADERS HEALTH SERVICES INC. has been the leading provider for healthcare staffing solutions in the state of New York and New Jersey with a VERY GOOD REPUTATION IN US. They provide industry-leading, exceptional service, and care to their clients’ patients through highly-qualified and skilled rehabilitative medicine providers for Outpatient facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and home care facilities.

They will be coming here in the Philippines on Feb 15, 2020 for on the spot hiring together with an immigration lawyer to assist all possible candidates.

Making your American dream possible has never been this easy! Do not miss this opportunity. Call us now!

For reservation, you can call us and tell us what tier you belong
Tier 1: Those who already have passed NPTE in the state of new work or any other states
Tier 2: Those who have already finished all FCCPT credential process, have an active NYSED file, and they are ready to take the NPTE
Tier 3: Those who have started the process of FCCPT and willing to be guided to the final steps.
Tier 4: Those who haven’t started with the credentialing process.

You can send your resume also directly to for screening (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4)

To reserve your slot, feel free to contact us via:
Viber/WhatsApp: +639178932694
+639179971528 | +639178297191
Landline: (02) 8731-0677 |

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