“My one month review at SRG was all worth it as it was my only review. Missed the 3-month review at our own school and the few months of my internship because I had to attend to my mom at the hospital during her last days on earth. I was still hurting and grieving while reviewing during that time.

Sir Edmond made the review so light and full of laughter yet so inspiring to the point I pushed myself beyond limits just to get the coveted PTRP title.“

Every review journey is distinct with our own challenges as we face one of the most important examinations in our professional path. Reviewing for the boards was never easy, but with the right attitude and perfect review partner anything is possible.

Ms Karnova Mutia Colinares shares her experience with SRG when she took the 2005 LOCAL PT-OT board exam. Her journey was not an easy one, and the odds are stacked against her. Hurdles are part of any beautiful story and despite all of the obstacles, Karnova was able to successfully clear the exam with her grit and perseverance. We are more than honoured to be part of her first success story.

How about you? What is your memorable board exam moment when you passed it?

We love to hear your unique narrative as we inspire the future generations of medical professionals


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