It’s official!

Dr. Edmond Sultan, PTRP, PT, RN,
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Utica College, New York, USA
December 20, 2018

After almost 2 years of so many sacrifices and unequivocal hardwork not withstanding the sweat, blood, and tears that come with it being your only self that believes in you most of the time, I finally earned the degree of being a doctor. Please allow me to be proud of it a little bit as it was not just awarded or given, I earned it.

Nothing really is impossible for anyone who wants to pursue some success if you put your energy on it despite the odds, despite the failures in life, despite the negativities around. It is only ourselves who shall defy all of them.

First, I would like to thank the Almighty God for making a way for me to enter the DPT program. I thought my New York license will not be renewed before the deadline of application but right on the last day of application, my name popped up in the NYSED website that my license was active again. My renewed license was the only requirement that Utica was asking so I could get into their DPT program that time. It was you, my dearest Lord, who made it possible.

Second, I would like to thank my SRG family both in Cebu and Manila especially my Chief of Staff, Marian Diaz, for all the help and assistance you have extended to me. Thank you guys for all the love, loyalty and understanding during the time I was studying although I wanted to become a doctor not primarily to practice here in the Philippines and in the US but for the betterment of our review programs at home, the Sultan Review Group and for its students. This is for SRG. This is for you SRG dragons.

Third, I want to thank my immediate family for being my No. 1 supporter in this endeavor. My mother, my siblings and their children and my Manang Delia were my greatest source of resiliency whenever I wanted to quit, whenever fatigue would set in.

Special thanks to all my friends in the US (you know who you are) who supported me directly and indirectly and gave me advices especially Grace or Miggue Bilangbilin. She was the one who dragged me to study again even if I was against it that time.

I would like to thank UTICA College in New York for being my romantic partner for almost two years. Romantic partner because choosing this school needs your “true commitment” and the rumors were all true that by studying there, you really need to give your all because being in their program is a survival of the fittest. “Utica, you are the best DPT school for me and haggardness was all worth it!”

I was away from social media, all the social gatherings and my favorite avocation, traveling the whole time, because I wanted to have myopic eyes on earning this degree. It feels so good and this is the best Christmas gift for myself.

I hope this message transgresses to all who want to achieve their dreams that despite all the odds, nothing is impossible and it is only YOU who can limit or do the otherwise. Promise, if I can do it, you can do it, too!

To God be all the glory. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Edmond Sultan, PTRP, PT, DPT, RN


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