CHEERS FOR 10 SEASONS! Consistently sought after and trusted by PT aspirants around the world, SRG now opens the 10th season of the Comprehensive Worldwide Webinar! The number of students keeps on growing each season, proving the efficiency of our program that is very sensitive for the NPTE/NPTAE/PCE/APCE! If you are an aspiring physio who wants to learn and understand every concept for the exam, SRG is the way to go! Choose the review that will give you holistic formation—from foundation building, to character-building, and integration and application, SRG has it all!

Know more about our review program that has been a very effective medium in defying problems with accessibility, practicality, and quality! Welcome to the new age of information delivery. Welcome to the Webinar revolution!

If you have the will, SRG has a WAY! Because today, the WORLD is anybody’s classroom!

Start of Webinar Review:
May 21, 2018-July 6, 2018
Schedules: M-Tue-Thu-Sat (Philippine Time), Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri (USA/Canada Time)
Time: 6pm (Western or Pacific Time), 9am Philippine Time (if without DST)
Full schedule is available already via Email or Viber or WhatsApp

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