Worldwide Comprehensive Webinar Review Season 7 for the Canadian PCE!

SRG’s unparalleled Wordlwide Webinar that produced internationally licensed PTs and PTAs around the globe is now opening its 7th season! Join us and become one of the hundreds of #heartstrong individuals who have experienced the revolutionary new approach to passing the Canadian PCE!

1. VERY VERY Complete and Comprehensive (You may take the NPTAE, NPTE, PCE, HAAD all at the same time using this program)

2. Fixed Schedules: Mon-Tues-Thurs-Sat. 6pm (Pacific Time), 9am (Philippine Time), 4-5 hours per session. The fixed schedule develops STRUCTURE of studying among students.

3. Longer lecture hours. 4-5 hours instead of only 2 hours by other webinar reviews.

4. Longer sessions. 30-35 sessions instead of 15-20 sessions by other webinar reviews.

5. The best program ever! The program is tangible to people who are working. Edmond Sultan developed the FIO Program. Developing Foundations, Integration and Outcome-Based Learning (FIO), not just memorization.

6. Better productivity encouraging structured review plus work/life/review balance. NO need to resign! No need for PTO!

7. MENTORING on review and test taking strategies

8.All review materials/handouts around 2000 pages are FREE. Shall be sent via email a day or two before each webinar session.

9. BONUS HOURS on Additional Topics

If you have the will, SRG has a WAY! Because today, the WORLD is anybody’s classroom!

Start of Webinar Review:
August 21 to October 6 2017
Schedules: M-Tue-Thu-Sat (Philippine Time), Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri (USA/Canada Time)
Time: 6pm (Western or Pacific Time), 9am Philippine Time (if without DST)
Full schedule is available already via Email or Viber or WhatsApp

SRG’s Review Bundles!

Designed to ensure maximum retention and excellent integration, SRG brings to you our review bundles! Different combinations of various review services to suit all your learning needs. All aimed to secure that professional license and guarantee your success! Choose your bundle and enroll now!

For inquiries/to reserve your slot, feel free to contact us via:
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Landline: 731-0677 | 731-0642
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Congratulations to our Newest Canadian PCE Passer!

GOOD News!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Dean de Guzman our student in the SRG Comprehensive Worldwide Webinar Season 5 (March-April 2017 Review) and a graduate of De La Salle University 2013 for passing the CANADIAN’s Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) taken last May 8, 2017. A certified and heartstrong SRG dragon!!!! To God be the glory! Mabuhay! #Canada #PCE #SRGWebinar #Heartstrong#WorldClassReviewProgram #LegitProgram 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Intensive Review and Testmanship for the August 2017 PT-OT Licensure Examination!

Are you ready to face the AUGUST PT-OT board exam?

Excellence is a habit and we believe that topnotchers are not born, but raised—carefully trained and nurtured in a conducive learning environment. With our meticulously crafted test bank questions, rigorous training consisting of answering 150-200 questions a day, foolproof testmanship techniques, and a holistic approach to mentorship and teaching—addressing not only our students’ academic concerns, but also their emotional well-being—SRG ensures that all your bases are covered.


To reserve your slots, feel free to contact us via:
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Intensive Worldwide Webinar Review Season 6 for the NPTE, PCE, and NPTAE!

The perfect review program if you want to ace your examination! Know the right testmanship skills and how to translate knowledge into correct answers. Be in the MOST INTENSIVE, outcome-based review program that has produced many passers in its previous seasons.

The INTENSIVE WEBINAR REVIEW SEASON 6 will start this July 4 2017. Reserve your Slot now!
1. INTENSIVE: 6 hours EVERYDAY of answering and discussing 150-200 questions per day.
2. TRANSLATING KNOWLEDGE INTO CORRECT ANSWERS. From utilizing the right knowledge to applying test-taking strategies and nail every question in the exam.
3. TIMED-EXAM: 45 seconds-1 minute allotted to answer each question to build that speed and precision in facing the most difficult exam questions.
4. TOPIC-BASED QUESTIONING. Organization is the key and we believe that a well-organized questioning method will help the students integrate the concepts better.
5. PICTURE QUESTIONS. Because we all know that these international exams include picture-based questions and we will not let you miss these types of questions!
6. GUIDED RATIONALIZATION. The discussion is guided by a credible lecturer, preventing you from overanalyzing questions.
7. BOOK FINAL COACHING: Important facts made into questions. Resources include Magee, Kisner, Fairchild, Goodman, etc. If you haven’t read these books, no problem. We’ll deliver the important facts to you.
8. TESTMANSHIP TRAINING. Strategies to develop that 100% precision in approaching any type of question that can be asked from a concept.

Start of Webinar Review:
July 4, 2017
Schedules: EVERYDAY; 9 AM Philippine Time (6pm Western Time)

For inquiries/to reserve your slot, feel free to contact us via:
Viber/WhatsApp: +63917-898-3229 | +63917-836-0123
Landline: 731-0677 | 731-0642
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