Part of SRG’s Advocacy is to deliver the best review programs WITHOUT EXCEPTION for different International Examinations. The carefully crafted review programs will definitely deliver the desired results. The Sultan Review Group is not only a prominent name in the Philippine review industry but also with different board examinations across the globe.

As part of the SRG’s vision to produce physiotherapists worldwide, we are now opening the SRG COMPREHENSIVE WORLDWIDE WEBINAR SEASON 15 for the Australian Physiotherapy Council Examination.

Know more about our review program that has been a very effective medium in defying problems with accessibility, practicality, and quality! Welcome to the new age of information delivery. Welcome to the Webinar revolution!

If you have the will, SRG has a WAY! Because today, the WORLD is anybody’s classroom!

Start of Webinar Review:
May 20
Schedules: M-Tue-Thu-Sat (Philippine Time), Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri (USA/Canada Time)
Time: 6pm (Western or Pacific Time), 9 am Philippine Time
Full schedule is available already via Email or Viber or WhatsApp

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