Hi guys, I would like to present the SERVICES that I offer with the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree that I just finished including the present stuff that I am already doing. Your referrals are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! 🙂

1. ONLINE Rehabilitation Consultant for Assessment and Managing Conditions (with use of Interdisciplinary Approach working closely with allied medical professionals and Rehab medical doctors).
2. Consultant for creation of continuing education especially Diploma courses, Masters and Doctorate Degree Programs with focus on schools wanting to establish a complete DPT program.
3. National and International Reviewer and Lecturer for Physical Therapy Standardized Tests (NPTE, NPTAE, PCE, APCE, HAAD, etc.) International Onsite Review classes accepted upon invitation.
4. Part-time professor for Masters or DPT program.
5. Resource Speaker for Evidence-Based and/or Concept Seminars and Trainings
6. Motivational Speaker on Entrepreneurship especially for start-up businesses.
7. Personal Life Coach related to both PT or non-PT related issues.

Contact details:
Dr. Edmond Sultan, PTRP, RPT, DPT, RN
Founder and CEO, SRG
Email: edmond.sultan308@gmail.com
SMS/Viber/Whatspp: +639178983229
Website: www.sultanreviewgroup.com

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