Are you taking the October NPTE?
Do you believe that NPTE is one of the toughest, if not the toughest entry-level exam for PT that you’ll ever take?
Are you aware that the passing rate for foreign-trained PT’s in the NPTE is only between 30-40% every exam for the past 6 years?
Do you understand that the NPTE is totally a different version of the local boards here?
Are you fully invested in becoming an RPT but you feel that your preparedness is realistically inadequate?

If you have a YES answer to is least three of the five questions above, then the solution is the answer below.

JOIN SRG’s emergency-INTENSIVE course on Oct 8 (PH TIME). It is a 15-day consolidation of all IMPORTANT concepts needed to pass the exam. These concepts are translated further into questions so you develop testmanship and mental endurance during the 5 hour, 250 item examination. Our Intensive Review is the last minute best solution to fully equip you when you sit for the NPTE.

Viber/Whatsapp us through +639178983229.
Email us at

Let our experts on the NPTE train you as SRG has been doing this for 21 years already!!!!

Put your trust in our name!


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