One of the major reasons why students find it difficult to pass the Philippine PT/OT board exam is they focus too much on non-board sensitive topics that leads to failure to integrate what is important and what will come out in the board exam.

The board exam will be EASY once you have a STREAMLINED review program. Streamlined in such a way that you only have to study the necessary details you have to have to be fully equipped for the exam.

In SRG, we teach our students what is important and what is not so that they will not waste time memorizing and cramming 4-5 years worth of information. Our FOI (Foundation-Integration-Outcome-based) program is aimed to achieve this goal to prepare the student in facing ANY TYPE of question in the board exam.

We do not want our students to lose their social life, to have breakdowns, to feel inferior, nor to be left out just because they are reviewing. In SRG, reviewing is a lifestyle wherein we foster an environment of fun learning, sense of family, and strong support system for a holistic preparation of a student.

Do not wait until you’re done with the exam to find out about these!

MANILA: +63 916 240 9747
CEBU: +63 917 997 1528
Landline: 731-0677
FB: fb. com/sultanreviewgroup
Web: sultanreviewgroup .com
VISIT US: 3rd flr. Highland Lumber Bldg., España blvd., Manila

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