Congratulations to our Newest RPTs!

Passing the NPTE was never about your age, it was never about your school, it was never about your work. Every passer has a unique story to tell. What makes the SRG NPTE passers different is that they defied the status quo. They go over their personal hurdles and excuses and were able to change their lives and emerged victorious.

Sultan Review Group proudly congratulates the April NPTE passers. We are grateful to be part of their individual journey.

As we continue to redefine the review industry, the SRG Worldwide Comprehensive Worldwide Webinar will begin its sixth season this May 18. One of the programs that produced these successful passers. Know what makes the review different from the others

For inquiries to reserve your slot, feel free to contact us via:
Viber/WhatsApp: +63917-898-3229 | +63917-836-0123
Landline: 731-0677 | 731-0642
Facebook: Edmond Sultan (Sultanreviewgroup Sultan)
Email: |

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